Wednesday, October 20, 2010

i have the best brother in the world! BOW!

we are six children in the family at sa anim na yun, apat ang babae.. at dalawa lang kaming lalaki. Well try to tell a story of how we grew up as brothers? were you thinking of like we were the BEST OF FRIENDS IN THE WHOLE WILD <wide?> WORLD? play together, bath together, bike together, bully other kids together, make silly plans, laugh all saturday afternoons at running cats and chickens? NO WAY! WE'RE NOT EVEN FRIENDS! before... hahahaha. but we're pretty close now. years after!

my brother and i. . . WE'RE TOTAL OPPOSITES!  he was like born to rule the earth... and i was born to RULE THE HEAVENS! lol. the only common thing we shared was our clothes! yes, clothes! we were like twins, our parents used to buy us pairs of clothes. minsan magkaiba nga pero kulay lang ang pinagkaiba! wahahaha... 

okay, just found this photo over the internet... i dont even know the movie pero it looks interesting! mare-late lang sa topic of the day eh noh?.

Going back, my brother was like born to make my life the worst "young-brother's life" ever! It sounds funny I know... my brother's the very reason for my self-pity. Why i hate myself. Why i wanted to become like him. I didnt idolize him. I still wanted to be me but with his looks, wit and talent! Why I grew up trying to tell every body that "hey! dont compare us! we're two different people", when the truth of the matter is "hey dont compare coz it hurts that he's always better than me!"

We grew up like that. with some sort of competition going on. I did good in my academics and he did not. But he still got the best impression since he's a NATURALLY EXCELLENT MUSICIAN something that runs in the blood of the family. Music, the family business, was his ace. That's why it always sounded like they're prouder in him than in me. For short, all my life <until i finally went to college and started my own life and career> i envied my brother.

Alam mo yun? ang galing niya! gwapo na, maangas pa, talentado pa! yun nga lng madalas sumabit... pero, nevertheless, people loves him. they adore him everywhere. Kahit san mo dalhin tong tao na to minamahal. super galing makisama? TAMA! at very humble rin kc (sa totoo lng mayabang xa, pero nasa lugar)... di tulad ko.... pangit na, walang dating at sakto lng sa talento, I mean, i do sing, dance, act, play my own instrument, I AM GOOD, but i was never excellent! not like him. For short i envy him because he has a lot of friends, because he's sikat and because he's damn a good music player!

Marami pang reasons why I envied my brother. PAPA LOVES HIM SO MUCH. Una sa lahat magkamukha sila. pangalawa, iisang landas ang tinahak nila with a few notable differences <both are trumpet players, took conservatory of music in UST, Cadet Officer of UST Golden Corps, had a family at a young age, anu pa? anu pang parehas sila?? parehas HIGH BLOOD!> I remember when i was younger lagi akong may award sa school. pero pag awarding na or recognition day, "asan si papa?" hindi makakapunta... duty. pero kapag kay kuya... anjan xa. o dba? basta ewan ko ba kung nagkakataon lang o sinsasadya pero whatever nagtatampo pa rin ako. pero kinalimutan ko na yun lahat. 

I remember this conversation with Mama... I asked her kung bakit ganon? doesn't papa love me? bakit feeling ko pinababayaan nio lang ako lagi? pag ako.. ok lang mag isa... pag sila, sinasamahan nio pa? well, mama's answer enlightened me, enough to erase all the envy, all the tampo: "KASI KAYA MO, but they... they needed our guidance." o diba ang drama? ako na ang "INDEPENDENT" hahahaha...

True. My ate even told me before na when i was a baby/small kid and Mama's not home at sya ang nagbabantay sa akin, she used to make me sit somewhere and behave daw ako and does not even move kahit hanggang sa natapos na syang mag laro.

Going back to my brother i envy him because he's strong... i mean physically. at ako lampa. Kaya hindi ko naenjoy ang kabataan ko nun dahil ayoko maglaro. Takot ako madapa, takot ako madumihan, takot ako na baka awayin ako ng ibang bata, TAKOT AKO and i have always been like that. kaya ayun,, i took karate lessons in high school. to prove that i can be strong, and I CAN GET PHYSICAL. from then on ilang beses na ako hinamon ni kuya ng suntukan every time nag aaway kami,,, di tulad dati, he just comes to me and start bullying me.. HAHAHAHA.

To sum it up, my brother, together with my family, were the greatest influence to what i have become today. It turned out, the person I hate the most will make me the person i want myself to be.

Today, iba na... my brother has his own family now. His own career.  own life. People does not care compare us anymore coz i have my own life as well.. there are still grounds that we share but nvertheless, people have already accepted that we are two different people. and both of us can be excellent in each other's own spheres and still be BROTHERS.

Thank you kuya, if it wasn't for you... sino kaya ako ngayon? you taught me many things.... you may not be the perfect role model, or the perfect brother, but every family has two sides (maka connect lng sa picture? LOL :D) at tayong dalawa yung side na yun... tayo yung poste keeping this family strong and ALWAYS TOGETHER. tama? sana mabasa mo to. at kung mabasa mo. magcomment ka! ok? God Bless you and your family! YOU, INDEED, IS THE BEST BROTHER IN THE WORLD, and if ever i live again and be given the chance to pick a brother, i'd still choose you. Promise! :)


  1. @para kay kuya,, next time i mag post ako . I HAVE THE BEST SISTER-IN-LAW IN THE WORLD.... nagiisa lng yan, dahil nagiisa lng din ang kuya ko! :P

  2. may bago pala.... KUYA HAS THE BEST YAYA IN THE WORLD! :D

  3. Wala bang like dito? Nice entry. :)

  4. galing sir, ganyan din kami dati nung ate ko eh, siya lagi bida, haha