Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Manuscript that should've made me CHAMPION.. LOL. :P


Theme: “ROTC: How can it help in peace and development effort?”

Ladies and Gentlemen good afternoon.

I am not here to brag about what our government, what any administration or what our Armed Forces has done, so far, to achieve peace and development in the country. I would not throw you any unnecessary info nor will I be presenting to you thorough analysis of data based on comprehensive research. But, instead, I’m simply gonna tell you how ROTC has changed my views and how these views, in my own personal opinion, can help in our search for an ultimate peace and a satisfactory socio-economic development status.

The question at hand is “How can ROTC help in the peace and development efforts,” but, should we not be asking WHAT? What we, the youth, whether we be cadets or just ordinary students, can do to contribute to this national undertaking.

From my learnings as a cadet... let me suggest three Steps: First BE AWARE. Second BELIEVE. And Third ACT.

From here we can derive our roles as the future leaders of this country. It might be a cliché, but let me say again that WE ARE THE HOPE OF THE MOTHERLAND. In our hands lies the future of our nation. It is for this reason that institutions of higher learning were established (for us) in the belief that knowledge can save us all. But mere knowledge can never be enough for a person to achieve his goals because his CHARACTER – the way he interacts with his surroundings, his perspective, his beliefs and stand on individual matters, the way he performs his tasks and even his physical capabilities and proficiency – carries a lot greater gravity on to where his life will lead. (This being)The very rationale of Citizen-Army Building. The justification of the National Service Training Program. Developing, harnessing, and training individuals to DREAM and to ACHIEVE.

This leads us to the first step: Let us BE AWARE.

To know the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, and WHERE.

WHO. We are Filipinos. Lovers of democracy. Rulers of this country. WE ARE THE GOVERNMENT and by legal mandate, it is OUR prime duty to serve and protect OUR PEOPLE, as well as safeguard our sovereignty and secure the integrity of our territories at all times.

WHAT. Peace and Development. Peace is the absence of violence, insensitivity, selfishness, discrimination, greed and all other personal stuff that hampers progress. Peace is present in a nation whose people mutually understand, respect and care for each other.

Development, on the other hand, is a measure of POSITIVE progress. It is an event causing CHANGE, the process of changing and becoming larger, stronger, more impressive, successful, and advanced. Both peace and development are words stated in our constitution’s preamble and IT IS ACHIEVABLE.

But, why bother to seek for peace and development? And why us? Simply because this is our HOME. This is where ALL our ancestors were born, raised and died and where ALL other generations (including our own very own) will continue to live. This is what our children and our children’s children will be left with. This quest. Seemingly UNFEASIBLE right? But we must persist.

The question now is WHEN? WHERE? The answer is NOW, IN HERE, YOU the Answer is the Reserve Officers Training Corps! We are indeed privileged to become part of the ROTC, be recognized as reservists, and be honoured as citizen-soldiers who advocates for peace and democracy and not militarism and violence. ROTC has indeed opened a lot of avenues for us, one of them being the rare privilege of serving our motherland.

Inculcated with a tremendous amount of discipline, sense of responsibility, courage, love and loyalty to the country and, most important of all, FAITH IN GOD, we can conquer boundaries. All we have to do is to, jump to the second step, BELIEVE that we can.

I am a proud cadet officer, imparted with authority and rank, identified with my uniform and my haircut, but, I am not just about what most of you think of, I am not about shouting at or bullying fellow cadets, I am not about just following orders or performing strenuous physical exercises. I am about SERVICE. I am about COMMITMENT. I am about my DEDICATION to the highest ideals of men, the very foundation of ROTC – patriotism, discipline, character, and excellence. I do not necessarily stand here as a leader, but I sure am a role model to my generation. You, too, can become one. It is just a matter of believing in what you can accomplish.

Now, let me commend YOU, all the people in the audience, my co-participants, the people behind this event, every single ROTC unit in the country and similar institutions, the Armed Forces of the Philippines, and our Government. Do you know why? Do you know what we represent? Do you know what our presence here symbolizes? We stand for HOPE. We are here by the virtue of the faith and the love of our fore fathers who sacrificed their lives to preserve our liberty, and safeguarded our lands to ensure the future of the coming generations.

We are here because, like them, we believe. We believe that a better, brighter, peaceful and progressive Philippines is possible. We are here because we know that something ought to be done. That a positive change, a total manipulation of the future, is attainable. We are here because we are hopeful. But let me remind you that we must not be contended in hoping. Because hope refers to the future. Hoping means looking forward to what is STILL to happen. Thus, there must be an element of NOW. An ingredient of TODAY is necessary. What we should do is, third step, ACT. There should be action, there should be movement. WE should make the change! I am therefore encouraging each and every one of us! To continue believing but don’t you ever forget that in believing we must ACT towards making our thoughts become reality.

Maraming at Mabuhay po tayong lahat!

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  1. all the people in the audience...was like "awwww" sayang... hahahaha... i was disqualified for exceeding the maximum time allowed for the delivery of speech... nevertheless, i was the highest pointer among the contestants... my "supposed" WIN was announced/ recognized, yet at the end i was not awarded anything because i was disqualified. SAD? no... it was enough that i know that all the people in the audience, the officers, and even the judges themselves BELIEVED in me. even asking me to join again next year? hahaha... GOD has his plans. I know there's a good reason for not giving me this one. :)