Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Amadeuz Vincent John R. Celestial
Batch President, SIMULANGAN

To our distinguished guests, our Guest Speaker, Mr. Max Edralin Jr. APR, Ms. Ching Abraham-Reyes, best-friend of the late Emcy Corteza-Tinsay, my dear alumna and former PRSSP President, Ms. Pauline Capacete. To the very supportive deans of the different colleges, our university officials, my beloved College of Mass Communication Dean, Prof. Ludmila Labagnoy, College Secretary, Prof. Abigail Enriquez, other CMC Faculty and staff, the alumni who took the time to witness this remarkable event, my colleagues in PRSSP, my brothers and sisters from SIMULANGAN, friends, students (have I forgotten any?) and of course, our dear and most precious adviser of Batch Simulangan and of the PRSSP-PLM, Prof. Roel S. Ramirez, APR an OVERWHELMINGLY pleasant afternoon to all.

It is my honor and pleasure to bring to a close this very significant event that shall mark, I assume, the College of Mass Communication and Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila’s history forever. Because today we officially begin a new era of excellence.

A while ago, you have witnessed a presentation of 28 students who took the risk of following the untraced path – a path that nobody has dared walk before; one that we are unsure of but one that we choose to pursue.

You know what PR has taught me so far? That it is good and recommended to stick with what’s conventional, stick to the traditional – that which have been tried and tested and proven effective. But it also has taught me, that it is not bad to be innovative, it is actually better to be creative and that it is OK to be ambitious. Think outside the box but if that box continues to distract you, THINK WITHOUT THE BOX. We can think of greater and better things. Sabi nga nila walang masama at libre lang ang mangarap, at kung mangangarap ka na rin lang, taasan mo na. And PR tells me that we can actually make our dreams come true. We just need some skills and master them, some hard-work and passion and some material resources. But most importantly, we need PEOPLE. That I think is the most important thing I am learning from PR. Invest all your energy, love and compassion to people. Build and maintain harmonious and mutually beneficial relationships. AND CERTAINLY, YOU WILL AND YOU CAN GET THERE. Ano kung madilim ang daan, kung marami kayo, sama-sama, tulong-tulong, at walang nag-iiwanan siguradong walang mawawala. Together, we’ll find the light. And soon [ano’ng malay niyo, kayong mga first year at second year dyan] everybody else can walk that same path.

More than telling you these aphorisms, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone.

First for attending this event and celebrating with us our official birthday here at the Pamantasan.

Second, and more importantly, for your assumed and anticipated support and contribution to the success of this first batch and of the succeeding ones. Yes, assumed and anticipated because I believe this would not be the last time I will be thanking you for helping us accomplish our goals because in order for us to achieve real excellence, we’ll be needing your support, understanding and cooperation ALL THE WAY. But don’t worry we are PR students and our goals and activities are always a WIN-WIN.

Here’s the deal Pamantasan: support us all the way and SIMULANGAN and the rest of the coming batches of PR majors and the College of Mass Communication as a whole will bring you consistent, unfaltering honor, pride and prestige. THAT WE PROMISE.

Dear Ma’ams, Sirs...I may sound very arrogant at this moment but these very statements shall serve as a challenge to us, the PR Majors and this College, to remain consistent and full of zeal in our quest for innovation and display of excellence.

At this, I would like to end by saying SIMULAN NA NATIN ANG KAGALINGAN. It’s gonna be excellence all the way! Muli, magandang hapon at mabuhay po tayong lahat!

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