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For my High School Batch, Remember our story, Read to the end! :)

What it means to be in our batch: The Class History of Batch 2008-09 of Arellano University, Juan Sumulong High School
Written and Told by Amadeuz Vincent John R. Celestial
Vice President, IV-Obedience

Graduation day is every student's day. And it feels great to be in that moment where all you have to do is to climb up the stage wearing the generation-old toga (and generation-smelling, i should include) and receive that rolled parchment where your name is written in bold. But the great-feeling moment stops at that point because during graduation, you cannot get away from coming face to face with the tough part.

March 2005 marked the end of my elementary days. I remember myself singing our graduation song with tears in my eyes as I try hard to cover my very fat classmate (and seatmate during graduation) with my very short and skinny arms. Of course, obviously, these people here, your seniors have all gone through those very same moments that same month and year. OKAY, let's get straight to the point: GOOD BYE CHILDHOOD! HELLO ADOLESCENCE! I mean, High school!

Yes, high school! After elementary graduation, next step? Find your high school. Oh, yes! We found Arellano University, Juan Sumulong Campus, 2600 Legarda Street, Sampaloc,Manila. High School Departmen, duh!?

Fix your face, go to the studio and have at least a hundred copy of your 1x1 or 2x2 say-cheese-close-up-flash-the-killer-smile photo. Show your class card. Ask for a form to fill-up. [Note: you should have practiced your handwriting so you wouldn't have to ask your mom or dad or ate or kuya to fill up those forms for you]. INTERVIEW: Practice your speaking, Ma'am Canilang is on post! (She asked me to read a short news article, and so i did!)

Ok, let's move on with the class history. . .after that very looong introduction, FIRST year, FIRST day. Everything's new, everyone's new! All of us, excited, nervous and kinda sweating, found ourselves scaling the stairs of Rizal Building up to the third floor and straight to the bulletin board where you're supposed to find your name and know your room and section. I-Generosity, I-faith, I-Charity. . .A, B, C. "Oh, there's my name! Where's yours?" Thank God! The sweating is over! The room was air-conditioned!

Friend-making time! Others, "Hey it's time for recess mind if I come with you? By the way I'm . How about you?" While others chose to be alone or be with older friends or acquaintances. Mrs. Lomuntad, Ms. Reyes (Soon replaced by Ms. Balmes) and Ms. Anonuevo, our FIRST mothers, had pretty good ways of introducing each and every one of us to each and every one of us.

Freshman year was a tough time of adjustments, getting-to-know each other, trying to show and share about one's self and becoming "in."

Every event in our FIRST year as high-schoolers were as exciting as the other. As early as the FIRST quarter, the entire batch were already good friends. Later, stronger bonds were formed especially when I-Generosity were divided and merged into Charity and Faith.

FIRST year, FIRST quarter, FIRST set of home room officers and FIRST major elections for FIRST year level representatives. The leaders were FIRST presented here and we can see most of them still active today. Their FIRST project, together with the other officers of the Student Council, was the Acquaintance Party at the gym. It was fun but we felt like we were five year-olds.

Our FIRST linggo ng wika, pista sa nayon, was a great experience. We sang and danced and ate. The three sections, altogether, shared what was there to be shared. The FIRST honors' assembly followed: Best in Attendance, FIRST year charity [we held the record till the last quarter]! Quiz bees and other events like the Search for Ms. UN weren't so interesting to most of us but we were there, clapping our hands. Before the year ends, February is the time for our FIRST field demonstration, Crazy Frog!!! (Oh, please don't make me show you our favorite step!)

Oh, before I forget, we have choir members, drum and lyre members, boy scouts and girl scouts, actors and dancers! and they are all still here!

Our second year was a fast paced one. I don't know, but before we knew it, our second year as high school students were over. Being a sophomore introduced us to: Animalia, polynomials, cooking and memorizing long lines for our plays. The highlights were also the Linggo ng Wika celebration, Acquaintance Party,UN Trivia Challenge, Field Demo - SWAY! - and the back to back championhips of our senior and junior basketball teams! "1,2,3... Arellano Pamantasan Namin, lalala." Our advisers: Mrs. Gumban for II-Humility and Mr. Moulic for II-Loyalty.

Third year means "chemistry and geometry." Chemistry and geometry as in foundations and lipsticks, and flowers and love cards and boys and girls and dates and a lotta money and gossips, etc. etc. We loved parties! We socialize a lot. Found great friends in and out of campus. Went out a lot, ate a lot and drank a lot (of water, lol). Groups of friends, which started back in our sophomore year started to show themselves as distinct from the others. But this "stratification" didn't mean we were divided. This only showed that after three short years, we were able to form stronger bonds which together make an even stronger batch.

Our favorite, acquaintance party and our FIRST JS prom! the acquaintance taught us that we're at age and we're on a different level now. Same with our FIRST prom where everyone wore the best fitting suit or gown, face powder and lip gloss of pink. Yes, pink is the color of the year but the atmosphere during the prom suggests it should be HOT RED! It was, surely, a night we would never ever forget. By the way, who forgets a FIRST time? Dancing brought light to these parties, oh we loved it! Everyone got their own dates. The music was sweet and the dance made us sweat! I'm talking about the Rigodon de honor and the occasional playing of fast-tempo dances. And that's it! Field demo - Carinosa. The year has ended again. Our advisers, Mrs. Detoyato-Tongol for III-Kindness and Mrs. Salino for III-Modesty.

Fourth year, senior year, last year, last chance. The start of this school year was a different one. We know that an end is coming and that we have to start making the most out of our remaining moments in this high school. We befriended all the people: all students, freshmen to fellow seniors, the teachers, administrators, the bursar, registrar, janitors, guards and event the canteen crew. . .making sure these people wouldn't forget us by spending the most time we could...doing the same old stuff that meant special to us.

Senior year is congruent to serious year. The expectations are high and all eyes are on us. There are so many things that we have to accomplish. We listen a lot, read a lot, write a lot, talk a lot, research a lot, memorize a lot, analyze and compute a lot and have a lot of things in our big bags. Yup, we're back to the big bags because senior year also mean thicker books, and thicker notebooks and lots of ink for writing. We need to triple our patience and perseverance. We might run out of the things I've mentioned but what we'll never run out of is HUMOR! That, I think, is our key to success. HUMOR! We make fun,or should I say, they make fun of anything and everything whether it be a serious matter or a totally senseless one.

Let me call our last year a year of vitory. It's obvious. Please don't regard this as boasting but hey, you all witnessed it! From speech contests to singing and dancing to painting or drawing. . . WE HAVE IT! But we also admit that we are not perfect. We commit mistakes (that are too many to mention here) and we are not always the good role models.

When I walk through our corridor and see the younger once, I remember that I was once like them. We were once - - them. Childish, immature, irresponsible, underdeveloped, unripe. But now, we are old. I mean, older than you are. Entering college which means we're likewise entering adulthood, responsibility and a life that we still have to draw. The school year, like the past ones, has to come to an end.

March is fast approaching and we don't know if it's gonnae be our last march here in Juan Sumulong. Ms. Pamela ayala and Mr. Isaias V. Antonis, Jr. our advisers, our much loved advisers.

This is the time to recollect all the memories, whether they be good or bad. The last field trip was the best one to play back again and again. This is the time to say thank you, i'm sorry, i love you, good bye. This is the time to relive our history. This is our story.

ito po ang aming kwento:

• Pagkakaibigan
• Pag-ibig
• Samahan
• Barkadahan
• Patintero
• Counter Strike at DOTA
• Pustahan
• Lakwatsa
• Birthday Party
• Make-up
• Picture-picture
• Bahay ng kung sinu-sino
• Unlittxt at Pasaload
• GMgm at Friendster
• Ng Matataba at mapapayat
• Kodigo at kopyahan
• Internation RED HORSE code
• At GSM Blue
• 1 whole, 1 half, 1 fourth, 1 eight pati nga 1/16 ni mam salino
• Mataas na demand sa pulbo, salamin at suklay
• Bentahan ng assignment
• Habulan ng project
• Ni Pythagoras at ng triangle niya na hanggang ngayon ay pinoproblema ng lahat
• Pilay na upuan
• Graphing board, white board, bulletin board at lahat ng iba pang uri ng board gaya ng board na ginagamit sa surfing o kaya yung pinaghihiwaan ng baka at manok sa TLE room sabay sabing “Bawal ang pork, may muslim dito!”
• Nawawalang eraser
• Lumillipad na eraser
• Invisible na eraser
• Marker na walang tinta
• Sound trip, Karaoke trip, Food trip, field trip at lahat ng pwedeng mapagtripan
• Cantunan
• Mazurka
• Senyasan
• Ligawan
• Lokohan
• Asaran
• Batuhan
• Iyakan
• Tawanan
• Harutan
• Mga umalis
• Mga bagong dating
• Mga alaala
• pansiterya de macanista ng El Fili
• Ng medalya, certificate at palakpakan.
• Ito po ang kwento n gaming tagumpay.
Maraming Salamat at Mabuhay po tayon lahat!

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