Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Speech during the Courtesy Visit to the Ambassador of Japan to the Philippines

With utmost respect, to Your Excellency Ambassador of Japan to the Philippines Makoto Katsura, all Embassy Personnel and Staff, Coordinators and Staff from the Japan International Cooperation Center,Officials and Representatives from the National Youth Commision, to my Supervisors, and Co-student Ambassadors:

KONBANWA, Good evening, Magandang Hapon po sa lahat!

Today, I am tasked to speak in behalf of my fellow student ambassadors. And for that, let me share with you a short reflection. . .

Leaders are both born and made…

I believe all people are born with unique leadership potentials which require not only time but the cooperation of the immediate environment for it to develop and be utilized in the future. Our parents, siblings, other relatives, school teachers, classmates, friends, and all significant others affect the development of such potentials. It is the wisdom and knowledge we have gained from these people and through direct experiences that hone our talents and abilities to its fullest. Unfortunately, not all people are given the chance, the right opportunity at the right time of their lives, to nurture their gifts of leadership because of circumstances, such as physical or mental deficiencies, poverty and the like, which hinder all the opportunities there are for them to grab.

Many are called but few are chosen…

We are indeed very blessed for having been given this rare opportunity, (this rare) privilege of
representing our country, the Republic of the Philippines, in this one of a kind programme that aims to promote international cooperation and solidarity and (not only that, but also) to develop the youth as the future leaders of this generation.

But the price of great leadership is greater responsibility...

We are aware that our roles as student ambassadors do not expire in ten days. So, [may I ask my fellow student ambassadors to please stand and repeat after me as I pledge] from today, we commit ourselves in promoting international unity (international oneness) by growing in ourselves and sharing to our countrymen what we will be learning and experiencing in this programme.

Without further adieu, and in behalf of all the student-ambassadors of this batch, our sincerest thanks and appreciation to all the people and organizations, the Japan International Cooperation Center, the National Youth Commission, and most especially to the government of Japan and the Embassy of Japan for your initiative and continuous effort, for allowing the possibility of this international exchange programme that assures us, our country, your country and hopefully the whole world, of a bright, progressive and peaceful future firmly established by global oneness and LOVE.

That’s all. Domo Arigato Gozaimasu and Mabuhay po tayong lahat!

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