Saturday, June 2, 2012

A BIG BROTHER'S PIECE FOR HIS SIBLING My welcome speech for BALIKAYAN 2012 To Batch SANDINAWA: WELCOME TO THE FAMILY. Yes, we welcome you with joy and enthusiasm as you start with your new journey and as you follow the road travelled halfway (naka-kalahati na kami eh) or if you’d be braver, you might consider starting anew and go find your own road? Whichever the case, don’t worry because I think we’ve generated enough light and reserved some bread crumbs to guide you along the way. We, batch Simulangan, have suffered the birthpains to pave way for the major to finally be established in the lodestar college of PLM. It was literal. Long, exhausting days. Sleepless nights. Frustrating moments. Heartbreaking incidents. Dislocated social lives. Separation from our old friends, and maybe at times, our own families. Hurt feelings. Broken egos. Blahblahblah... Blood, sweat and tears they say. I have to say this, in part, to warn you about what you’re really getting yourself into (I mean, as I’ve said, we’ve travelled the unfamiliar road “halfway” and that may be the same as saying that the birthpains are not yet over). But more than warning you, I am saying this because I want to give you some pieces of advice. There will certainly be a lot of trying, difficult times – those moments when you would feel like quitting, when you would feel like this PR thing may have been a mistake or that PR is not for you – we’ve gone through the same and if it happens to you remember this: Go back to where and “with what” you started. You entered the major with nothing but hope, courage, guts (maybe some knowledge, talent and skills) and the belief that your destiny might be here. Hold on to that, breathe in, out, remember you’re not alone in this journey, then continue doing your part of job. It may sound stupidly easy, but it could really be as easy as that. As a PR major you should start developing such willpower and sense of optimism; that strong belief that EVERY SORT OF THINGS WILL BE ALL RIGHT. When you start looking at every sort of thing in a positive light, you’d surely survive each day. Again, don’t worry because there’s space for good fortune, victory and time for jubilation in this place. Mahirap lang talaga yung proseso at daan papunta dun. I was speaking of “part of the job,” well, you are not, and will never be, alone in this journey. As we’d always say, “we are a family here.” We do things together and that means we fail and succeed together. We love and care for each other and that’s our main ingredient for success and excellence. “Excellence all the way,” the PR majors’ motto wasn’t put there just for the heck of having a motto. It is our battle cry, an expression of commitment, a gesture of passion and dedication to real excellence. Excellence, in a PR majors’ point of view, is not and should not be exclusive, though. It is not a privilege that we seek and keep to ourselves. Rather, it is something that we should aim for and when we have it, it becomes something we gladly share with others. One of our goals for establishing a major in PR is to spread the “excellence virus.” We strive for excellence in everything we do and we infect our neighbours with the same. Batch Simulangan will be more than glad to share with you all the learnings, resources, wisdom and skill that we’ve gained so far. We just need you to trust us and be open with the idea of crossing bridges, defeating your fears, exposing yourself with new (and sometimes radical) ideas WITH US. You learn from us as we learn from you. But we are of greater responsibility here because of this promise: All the preceding batches (us being the first) should endeavour to produce BETTER PR MAJORS as time pass by. If we succeed in doing so, we will be ensured with the survival of the major. You, being the second batch of majors, should then be a better batch. Pressure? Yes. But “challenge” or “motivation” may be the better words. Please help us achieve this. Accept the challenge. Aim to surpass us and we will take that with delighted, never jealous, hearts. P.S. Don’t forget to be yourself, trust your instincts, be uniquely outstanding. And,of course, HAVE FUN. Matuto na kayong ngitian, tawanan, at hingahan na lang lahat ng darating. With this I close. Excellence all the way. Mabuhay tayong lahat! ~AJ Ramos-Celestial

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